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Lariat Racing - 6th Place Finish at BCS

posted May 2, 2010, 5:59 PM by Scotty Scott   [ updated May 2, 2010, 8:55 PM ]

After standing around in the pits for about nine hours yesterday in very cold weather, with the wind blowing, the checkered flag flew with Darrell Stewart claiming the victory.

It was cold, with weather conditions only someone from Wyoming would probably enjoy. Give those fans a big hand that came out to watch the races last night. People were walking in with t-shirts and light jackets. What a hardy group of fans that showed their support for auto racing in Cheyenne, Wyoming. When we were loaded up and pulling out of the drive way the thermometer on the truck showed thirty two degrees.

Scotty won the first Legends heat race of the night, and his first of the year, after the track had some issues with their computers.  The heat race almost ended in a wreck on lap 3 when another car spun coming out of turn 2 right in front of Scotty.  It was a close call but we got by with nothing more than a slightly bent rear bumper.  This first place finish in the heat, put us on the pole for the main event. 

The feature race had seventeen cars starting and had problems getting the first lap completed. After many restarts the feature got restarted and went green for many laps. At this time the fans in the stands gave a big cheer to the drivers for getting two green laps without bringing out the caution flag. The lead in the race was great as Scotty held off many challenges for the first part of the race to maintain the lead. Darrell Stewart finally took over the lead and had to hold off Brittany Duncan at the end to win the thirty lap feature. 

Congratulations to Darrell on the feature win.  He is a great friend to everyone on our race team and has been a great help over the last few years in helping us get up to speed.