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I-25 Speedway in Pueblo, CO - 6/4/2011

posted Jun 16, 2011, 11:23 PM by Scotty Scott   [ updated Jun 16, 2011, 11:25 PM ]

We finally got to race two weeks in a row!  This week we were at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo, CO.  It is a really fun track for our size of car.  It is a high banked track so it is really fun to drive.  We use a different gear at this track than the others so it takes a little more time to get the car ready than normal but we were pretty excited to drive down. 

We had everything ready to go when we got to the track so the day started out pretty smooth.  It didn’t last though.  In the second practice, we blew and oil link off of the lower connection on the oil cooler.  Of course, I didn’t know this until I was spinning in turn 1 and up towards the wall.  I got lucky with the angle the car was sliding and ended up missing the wall by less than a foot.  A little scary but nothing broken except the oil line.  It took a couple of hours to make a new line and then clean as much oil off of the car as possible.  It was everywhere!

We got ready with everything about a half hour before qualifying.  Not all of the tracks we race at still have qualifying so it is actually pretty fun to get to do that there.  We ended up qualifying 5th out of 17 cars.  Not too bad and it got us into the trophy dash.  The top 6 qualifiers get into the trophy dash.  It is a little intimidating to be in that race because those are the fastest guys at the track.  They invert the start also so I started on the outside of row 1.  Even more nerve wracking since all the really fast guys are right behind you.  Fun to be in the race though.  We got off to a good start and jumped out to the lead and actually led for a few laps.  We ended up wheel to wheel with Scotty Griffith and just edged him to take 4th in the trophy dash.

The track inverted the top 10 qualifiers for the main event so we started on the outside of row 3 in the main.  The outside lane is a tough place to start at this track but we got a good start and were able to get to the lower lane pretty quickly.  It was a really clean race and we ran 4th for most of it.  There was a yellow flag because of a spin with about 10 laps of the 30 lap main still left.  We had build a pretty good cushion ahead of 5th place (Scotty Griffith) but now that was gone.  After the caution, our car was becoming really loose and after a few laps, Scotty G. got by us.  We ran the last few laps behind him and finished 5th.  It was a good points night and we were able to role the car on the trailer so that was great.

We are now 2nd in the RMLRA points.  It is great to see our number that high.  It won’t last too much longer because we will miss the June 18 race but it is fun to see our number there for now. 

We are at Colorado National Speedway again this Saturday (6/11), so we have to change our gears, etc. back again.  It is nice to have a shorter drive this week though.

Let us know if you are coming out to the track.