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I-25 Speedway Crash - 29-MAY-2010

posted May 30, 2010, 10:02 PM by Scotty Scott   [ updated May 30, 2010, 11:03 PM ]
This weekend was our first trip back to Pueblo's I-25 Speedway in 2010 and also our first time using the new Federal Tires on a short track.  Overall, the day went pretty well.  We are starting to figure out how the new tires will react during different track conditions and weather conditions. 

First this week, we had to make sure we figured out our ignition / fuel problem the last week. We had replaced the red box, red coils, fuel filter and fuel pump.  We also removed the fuel cell and cleaned it out along with the fuel lines.  We could not test it at home so we were a little nervous about testing it when we got there.  We left the long track carburetors on so we could verify they were good.  Unfortunately, when we tried to start it, we found it was not getting any fuel.  After some searching, we found that the trigger wire on the INEX fuel cut off switch had come loose.  Now we think this was probably our problem all along last week.  We think this wire was coming loose and causing the fuel pump to shut off. 

After this was fixed, we went ahead and put the short track carburetors on the car and went out to practice.  Wow, now we know why everyone speaks so highly of Ken Joyce.  The feel of the car completely changed.  There was such a big noticeable difference in power coming out of the corner.  I called Ken later to tell him how great the carbs were. 

Unfortunately, we only qualified 10th since we were dealing with a loose in condition and ended up in Heat 1.  We ended up fifth in this race after being as high as 3rd.  We were hit a few times from behind and almost spun.  While getting back in control of the car, we were passed by two others to end up 5th.    This meant we started the main on the outside of row 5.  I was a little nervous about that because I-25 is not known as a two groove track.  Despite that, we were able to pass 2 cars on the outside on the initial start.  We ran 7th or 8th most of the night until another driver tried to fit their car below us going into turn 3.  They ended up hitting us and breaking the left front spindle.  It was a frustrating end to the night but we learned a lot and got faster as the night went on.  The most important thing we learned was on setting rear brakes.  We were running a lot less brake in our left rear than our right rear.  This in the end is what was causing our loose in condition. 

The next race we will be out is on June 12th at CNS in Erie, CO. 

Hopefully we see you in the pits.