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First Trophy Dash Win!!! - 6/18 at I-25 Speedway

posted Jun 20, 2011, 10:31 AM by Scotty Scott

It finally feels like race season.  We have raced 4 weekends in a row now so that is lots of maintenance to do on the car.  We switched tracks again this week so we had to change the gears . . . again.  We also set up the car to be the same was the last time we were at this track.  We ended that night loose but we thought we could just adjust it tighter during practice and be pretty close to ready for racing.    Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.  We needed to put two new right side tires on the car this week and that drastically changed the way the car handled. 

During the first practice, we had a really bad push.  The car would just not turn from the apex of the corner all the way out.  This was really surprising because we went to the track expecting to be a little loose.  We decided to take a half turn of wedge out of the car to loosen it up.  This seemed like a big change early in the day but we gave it a shot.  Again, we were surprised.  The car was even tighter and pushing even worse.  The sensation when this is happening is the same as driving a front wheel drive car in the snow or water where the front tires slide and the car just won’t turn.  It definitely slows a race car down, more so that being loose.  Because this was slow, we decided to go a little more drastic and change the right rear spring.  This loosens the car quite a bit.  We also moved the RR wheel back to put rear steer in the car.  These big changes helped a lot in the next practice but the car would still push after a couple of laps. 

We took another half turn of wedge out to get ready for our qualifying.  Again, this helped a little but not enough.  We ended up qualifying 4th out of 11.  This did put us in the trophy dash, inside of row 2.  We were able to get below the pole sitter early in the race and then run from everyone.  I was able to build up almost a straight length lead in the first four laps, but then a yellow came out for a spin.  This was disappointing because everyone would be right back on my back bumper.  Fortunately, there was some confusion behind me on the lineup but the flagman threw the green flag anyway.  I saw it, but not everyone else did.  The ended up giving me back my big lead and I was able to hold that for our first trophy dash win.  I was pretty excited.  I got to bring a trophy home for the kids and accept the trophy in front of the grandstands. 

 We were in a tougher spot for the main, outside of row 3.  I ended up pinned behind a slower car and was almost in the back before traffic cleared enough to get around him.  I had moved up to 4th and was challenging for 3rd. I was inside of the #85 when I was hit from behind which pushed me right into the side of him.  This sent him into the wall and caused quite a bit of damage.  I ended up bending a wheel and a spindle arm but our damage was limited compared to the 85.  It was definitely disappointing to see his care torn up during an incident that I was involved in.  This accident changed the geometry of our front suspension and the car was finally loose after trying to get this all night.  Unfortunately, it was REALLY loose.  I was able to hold on and get a third place in the main. 

It was an eventful night.  There is a lot to do this week to make sure everything is square and balanced again and I have already ordered the replacement wheel, etc. so everything will be straight again.

We are back at Colorado National Speedway this week and then the big July 4 National Qualifiers.  We are also still 2nd in RMLRA points and 4th at CNS.  Definitely the best we have ever been at this point of the season.

Hope to see you at the track soon.