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Finally On The Track Again - 5/28/2011

posted May 29, 2011, 5:27 PM by Scotty Scott   [ updated May 29, 2011, 6:17 PM ]

After three rain outs and a few scheduled off weeks for our club.  It was great to be on the track.  It had been a little bit of a frustrating week since we were scheduled to race in Cheyenne the week before.  That was rained out so we had to take that setup apart and put the CNS setup back on the car.  It is definitely less fun to do all that work when you didn't even get to use the setup you put together the week before.

We decided to try a new spring package for this weekend at CNS so we were excited for practice to see how that was going to work out.  More bad luck here though.  In our first practice, a driver lost an oil line and laid down oil on the track.  A few cars spun in it but fortunately, no damage.  It did take the track 30 minutes to clean it up though.  We normally get a 30 minute practice so this used our whole time.  The track said they would give us an extra 10 minutes.  This was great and we were again ready to try our setup.  Then, the bad luck continued. Another driver lost an oil line after only a few laps and they ended practice.  Because of this, we never got any up to speed practice laps.

The second practice of the day was for 10 minutes and we were ready to try our setup.  The craziness continued.  Something was wrong with our wheels.  Two laps into the practice, we developed a REALLY bad vibration.  I didn't know if we had loose lugs or the wheel was unbalanced so I pulled the car off of the track.  It looked like there was something wrong with at least one wheel so we needed to use our other set.  Luckily, the tire changer at CNS put our tires that were broken in on our other set of wheels.  This did the trick and we didn't have any more vibration problems.

The heat was now ready to start and we hadn't any practice laps with our new setup.  That setup didn't end up being good either for my driving style and/or the track.  It was extremely tight at the start of the race but by lap 5, the car had turned extremely loose.  This left us with no idea with what to adjust for the main event.  We ended up 6th in our heat so we would start on the inside of row 6 for the main.

After spending a lot of time talking about ideas in the trailer, we decided to change back to our setup from a few weeks before.  The scary part is that we would have a new setup on the car and no laps to see if we even were close with it.  We ended up changing front springs, ride height, tire pressures and our wedge percentage.  We usually try to change one thing at a time and see what happens so this whole thing was pretty crazy.  Seemed like just throwing darts at it and hoping.  They were definitely educated guesses but still scary.

As a club, out main event was great.  It went green / white / checkered.  No wrecks or yellow flags.  It was really a great job by everyone.  We ended up in 8th place out of 22 cars which we thought was a great finish after all the crazy things going on that day.  We were fastest in the main out of any point in the day so we will be sticking with that spring setup going forward.  It will be nice to get more tuning time at our next race to dial that setup in because we did end up pretty loose by the end of the race.  All in all, a pretty good result though.

We are at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo, CO next week and race most weekends until the end of August.  It looks like we are going to finally get going.

Hopefully we will see you out in the pits soon.