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CNS Results - 7/16/2011

posted Jul 18, 2011, 10:28 PM by Scotty Scott

We were back at CNS this week after a rain-out last week.  We didn’t have a lot to do on the car this week since we had an off week last week so, we decided we would set up a second set of shocks for a more extreme / out of the box setup.  We kept our previous week’s setup on the other set so we could go back to it quickly if this new setup just wouldn’t work.  We went into the first practice and I was amazed at how good the setup was.  The car rotated in the middle of the corner than it has since before the Legends tire change.  I didn’t realize how much I was fighting the car to keep it down in the corner until we tried this setup this week.  The car would almost turn itself in the middle of the corner.  This will be a setup that we stick with for a few weeks and see if we can tune it in to be even better.

We were fifth fastest in practice and hadn’t really figured out the setup yet so it was pretty encouraging.  We started in the back of our heat race though so it was going to be an interesting race.  The car would turn so well, I was able to get through traffic and finished 4th out of 11.  We were also turning the third fastest times in the race.  A car was disqualified in tech so we actually got moved up to a third place finish.  This turned out to be really good since they invert the first three rows. We ended up starting the main on the pole.  It was a fast race from the start and we ran in fifth place for the first half of the race.  The car started to go loose as the race went on and we dropped back to sixth.  This was interesting because the new tires have always gone tight as the race goes on but this new set up ended up going the other way.  This was good news though because that is more how the old tires worked.  We ran most of the rest of the race in sixth place until two cars in front spun coming out of turn 2.  They got going right away so no yellow flag was thrown but we were able to move up the 4th in the process.  This is where we finished and it was our best finish to date at CNS.  Pretty good day.

Erick Anderson and Jason Brenner, friends from high school, also came out to hang out with us at the races this week and it was great to see them.  It was nice to get a good finish while they were here.

We are off this weekend and will be back at CNS on 7/30.  Hopefully we will see you at the track soon.