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Back to CNS - 6/11/2011

posted Jun 16, 2011, 11:25 PM by Scotty Scott
We were back at CNS this past weekend for our third weekend of racing in a row.  It was a different track with a different gear so back through the set up process again.  We decided we would go with the setup we started the year with and see if we could dial that in.  It is nice to set up the car with a known setup because you know exactly where everything should be so it normally goes faster. 

Lauren, our 9 year old daughter, went to the races with us this week so she hung out in the trailer and camper with us.  It was a lot of fun to have her there.  She tried to sample all of the snacks they had in the pits.  She missed a few so that will leave her something to shoot for next time.  She is pretty experienced with the whole race thing now so she is a lot of fun to take with us.  She knows how to do the calculations we do for our tire temps, etc. so I just turn that over to her after we measure everything.  It is fun to watch her learn the details.

We got there early and didn’t have much to do with the car before practice so it was a little more leisurely than the past few weeks.  We went out to the first practice around 1pm and the car was better than it has ever been.  It felt really fast.  I could get on the gas very early and I could drive it into the corner very deep.  You never know though until you actually see the times.  We actually turned a 19.044 second lap in this first session which is by far the fastest we have ever run.  We have tried a lot of new detail things over the last few weeks and it looks like that is starting to pay off.  We also went to the track to work on how to drive the track with Chris Eggleston.  He is a Legend, Late Model, Pro Truck driver and his advice was really effective.  I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to improve their driving.  The track slowed down over the next few practices for everyone.  Everyone so we weren’t able to match those times again from the first practice.

We ended up with a tough starting position for the heat race again and had a lot of traffic to go through.  We ended up sixth in this race which was definitely not what I was hoping for.  This meant we would start the main in 12th, outside of row 6.  The car was back to feeling really dialed in for the main and we were able to make our way through quite a bit of traffic to finish sixth this week.  That is our best finish ever for a CNS main event so it was pretty exciting.  This also kept us in second for the RMLRA season standings and fourth in the CNS season standings.  We have never been that high in the standings in any of the groups so I am very excited about the start of this season so far.  We also won the masters division for the second week in row.

We also decided this week that we are going to travel to Las Vegas at the end of October to race in the US Legends Nationals.  It should be really exciting and hope to qualify for a guaranteed spot in the main even by finishing well in the qualifiers over the July 4 weekend.  I will try to update everyone as we progress.

We are not racing this weekend but will be back at CNS on 6/25.

Still hoping to see everyone at the track sometime.