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6/25 at Colorado National Speedway

posted Jul 1, 2011, 9:49 PM by Scotty Scott

This was the craziest weekend yet.  I went with my son’s overnight Boy Scout camping trip all day Friday and until 4pm on Saturday.  This meant I would get to the track right before the heat race.  No practice or set up time this week.  Luckily, my Dad and Clay took the car out early still and Kyle Clegg took to car out in practice so we could get an idea where it was.  This is one of the things that make the Legends group so great.  There are not many classes that a competitor would go out and help you get your car up.  Not just any guy either.  Kyle has won the RMLRA championship 2 of the last 3 years.  It was really nice of him to take it out and we got some great setup feedback. 


Brian came out to the track with me after his camp was over so that was really fun.  We got there about a half hour before our heat race so we had time to get everything ready.  Again, I didn’t have a great starting spot.  Our pill draws at this track have been bad all year for some reason.  I was able to pass a few cars in the heat race though for a 5 place finish.  This put us on the outside of row 5 for the start of the main.  The cars in front of me were all fast on the outside lane so I thought we could get a good start.  I was right, the outside lane took off and we worked up to 8th place pretty quickly.  This set us up behind Dave Hondel.  Dave is fast and a very clean racer so the racing was fun.  We caught up with lapped traffic and then things got really interesting.  Dave went inside and I went outside of a car in the back stretch.  Unfortunately for me, the lapped car drifted up and almost trapped me against the wall.  This would have been a pretty bad wreck but I was able to back out before he pinned me up there.  I was able to catch back up to Dave but could not make a pass stick.  With one lap left, Dave drove outside of a lapped car going into turn 3.  The lapped car drifted up and trapped Dave this time and I was able to drive underneath them both to finish 7th


It was a fun race and a good finish considering there were some really fast out of town cars there getting ready for this weekend’s national qualifiers.  This should be a fun weekend. We are planning on going to Nationals in Las Vegas this year but we need to qualify this weekend.  Hopefully everything goes well.


I also took the kids out on Sunday to drive their cars.  I added a couple of pictures to this note of the kids in their cars.



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